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Our Story

“We believe that we can build within our OWN communities.” 

- Dr. Leron Lightfoot, CEO & Founder of Math 4 Success

Our Motivation

Founder, Dr. Leron J. Lightfoot was a student from an underserved community of South Los Angeles. Though his environment was seemingly failing, it was his parents and mentors that instilled in him that academic achievement could take him anywhere he wanted to go.  His mantra became Access to Knowledge Coupled with Discipline equals Success. That life equation helped him to achieve a perfect score on the SAT math, a full academic scholarship to Xavier University of Louisiana and a full academic fellowship to graduate school at Michigan State University where he received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering.

It has been Dr. Lighfoot’s goal to give back to students who have come from similar backgrounds. He saw the importance of math in his academic journey and because of this, he believes that despite the environment, math can be taught to all when given the proper resources, structure, and a program customized to each student's unique background.